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Switch 15

Switch 15 is a low profile 75mm switch with a built-in USB interface. The switch can be configured to operate as a wide variety of keyboard, mouse and gamepad functions and is programmed via an integral LED display.

This switch also allows a number of additional features to be configured to help compensate for various motor deficits and neuromuscular conditions, including Acceptance Delay, Ignore Repeats, Maximum Press Time etc.

Two 3.5mm sockets allow up to two more switches to be plugged in, each of which can be configured independently for function.

  • 75mm Switch with built in USB interface
  • Switch function programmable via integral LED display.
  • Advanced settings to allow adaptation for tremors, ataxia, chorea and other motor deficits.
  • Two additional 3.5mm switch sockets, each separately programmable for function.
  • Works with PC, Mac, Chromebook and Android Tablets†
  • Low profile and low operating force
  • Does not require driver software - ideal for contract managed computer systems

Product code: SWI018

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