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Switch 14

Switch 14 is an external switch different from the other switches available on the market thanks to a major innovation: its hypersensitivity.

Tactile, it is sensitive to the approach of the human body and doesn’t require a direct physical contact to be activated, it just needs to be brushed. It fits the needs of handicap people lacking strength, whose mobility is reduced. It also fits any external switch user.

Adaptable, it can be used with several devices like :
Nurse calls
Emergency calls
Any electronic devices benefiting from a switch input (or Jack)
It is not only adjustable to every one's sleight but its adjustments buttons enbable you to change its hypersensitivity, the bright signal and the tone.

Switch 14 also benefits from ergomics fitting you needs. Its size enables you to conceal it anywhere and on any support. Its black and white colors are universal and thus meet your aesthetic expectations. 
Switch 14 is an external switch essentially matching the needs of physically disabled people. Indeed, like any other external switch available on the market, PapooSwitch can be easily fixed on a wheelchair to make your moves possible again. 

But its main advantage – the hypersensitivity – turns it into an ideal tool for people lacking strength. The issue with basic switches is the necessity to press them to make them work. PapooSwitch only require a simple brush to be activated.
Switch 14 plays also the role of a nurse call. Therefore, it’s now easier for a person confined in bed to call the nurse and express their needs.
Finally, our switch is perfect if you’re looking for a 2 in 1 device. Not only it’s an external switch but it also can be used as the click of a mouse.
Adjustments (switches situated under Switch 14 )
1) On/Off Left/Right click
2) On/Off Back lightening
3) On/Off Beep
4) On/Off Hypersensitivity (up to 1 cm)
High sensitivity, strength and reliability
No strength needed
Back lightening
Diameter 46mm – Height 14mm
Output: Jack 3.5mm
Self powered thanks to a battery (4 months autonomy)
Can be used with other devices for disabled

Product code: SWI017

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