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Pro-Bot Rechargeable Floor Robot

Explore advanced control techniques and use the screen to program on the device!

After using our Bee-Bot with foundation stage and KS1 children, we have developed Pro-Bot, the floor robot which could be used for teaching more advanced control techniques. Using the on board screen and buttons, program Pro-Bot to include various inputs as triggers such as the sound and light sensor.

Key Features • Ideal for KS2 programming • Bright attractive car design • Robust and durable for everyday use • Can operate independently or alongside your PC with our software • Can be used simply by programming arrows or accepts more complex commands • Routes can be drawn using our simple pen mechanism and a felt tip pen • Fully functional headlights using light sensors • Voice activated functions/ bumper sensors • 4 locator points on the body •. Works with Windows 7.and above. 

Probotix Programming Software Single Licence

Allow children to take complete control of their programming with this on-screen logo programming software.

With 3 levels of difficulty built in, Probotix is a great tool to allow progression. Available as a single licence or site licence. Comes with USB cable.

Key features: • Easy to use programming with directional buttons or logo language • Pen up/down feature which can also be demonstrated on the floor robot • Ability to modify and improve routes on screen when programmed • Capability to upload and download your sequences to our floor robot • Change the background image, or import your own. 


Product code: EDU0017, EDU0018

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