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Our smallest and most versatile eye tracker

The PCEye Mini can be used to fully replace the traditional keyboard and mouse with the Access package, which includes our software Windows Control for full computer access. If the ambition is to get started with eye tracking, the package Track & Learn is a good option. Choose product option below to see more information.

  1. Ergonomic computer access -  With PCEye Mini clicks and navigation becomes more intuitive, creating a relaxed and natural computing environment.
  2. Portable computer access - Easily attach and detach The PCEye Mini from your computer using a magnetic mounting bracket and a USB connection. It is easily transported and used with different computers, like at work or in!
  3. Independent processing - all processing for the eye tracker is done on the device itself and doesn’t slow down your computer. This means that you do not need the latest, most expensive desktop or laptop in order to use the PCEye Mini.
  4. The Tobii advantage - With over 14 years of research, experience and innovation, Tobii is the global pioneer of commercial eye tracking technology. The PCEye Mini is based on our latest eye tracking platform, IS4.

Product code: MIC0016

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