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icSpeech Standard Edition

icSpeech Standard Edition contains six of our most popular speech therapy software products in one easy-to-use application, making it one of the most comprehensive, yet affordable, speech therapy packages on the market today.

How speech therapy software works
Often in speech therapy you rely on auditory feedback to modify your speech. By using icSpeech, you also have the advantage of visual feedback. With simple to use biofeedback displays you can view your speech in real-time, make corrections, and instantly see the results.

You can also make recordings, compare them with examples and perform precise measurements on a wide range of speech parameters, including pitch, voicing, timing and loudness.

With the new speech recognition features, you can also learn how to pronounce any sound, word or sentence and get instant feedback on your speech intelligibility.

What's included

Pronunciation Coach

Pronunciation Coach is an easy-to-use tool that shows you how to pronounce all of the sounds in the English language, and how to combine these sounds to pronounce any word with clarity and confidence. Key features:

Shows you how to pronounce any sound, word or sentence.
Records your speech and lets you compare it to an example.
Provides instant feedback on your speech intelligibility.
Contains a 21,000 word pronunciation dictionary.
Contains a 40 lesson English pronunciation guide.


Speech Intelligibility Scorer

Speech intelligibility refers to the 'understandability' of speech, and the ability to use speech to communicate effectively in everyday situations. It can be affected by many factors, including pronunciation accuracy, audibility and speaking rate.

The Speech Intelligibility Scorer uses speech recognition and text to speech technology to:

Provide a measure of speech intelligibility.
Provide a measure of audibility.
Provide a measure of speaking rate.
Provide example pronunciations of any letter, word, number or sentence.
Highlight unintelligible and problematic words.


Minimal Pairs Tutor

It's important to be able to hear the difference between sounds in order to produce them accurately. Discriminating between sounds is often practised using 'minimal pairs'. A minimal pair is a pair of words where only one sound is different, for example 'pin' versus 'bin'.

The Minimal Pairs Tutor contains over 5,000 minimal pairs, complete with images and example pronunciations. It also encourages accurate speech production by recording your voice and providing feedback on your pronunciation.


icSpeech Games

Speech therapy games provide a fun and interactive environment for children to learn about speech. They also encourage children to practise their speech exercises for longer.

icSpeech Games contains six interactive speech therapy games. Each game features adjustable targets, rewards and can respond to a number of speech parameters. There's also a built-in voice recorder so you can record the gaming sessions.


icSpeech Recorder

Whether you're a professional speech and language therapist or a home user, making recordings before, during and after therapy has many benefits.

For home users:
Lets you document your progress.
Lets you compare your speech with example recordings.
Hearing your progress helps build confidence and keeps you motivated.
Using picture prompts makes recording fun and interactive.
For professionals:
Helps to prove therapy efficacy.
Improves clinical documentation.
Enables the sharing of data with others.
Lets you perform quantifiable measurements on a range of speech parameters.


icSpeech Analyzer

icSpeech Analyzer uses the clinically proven technique of biofeedback to help improve your speech. Biofeedback lets you see your speech on a computer screen in real-time. The following biofeedback displays are supported:

Bar charts.
You can also record your speech, create target displays, and perform measurements on a range of speech parameters.


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