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icSpeech Analyzer

When we speak, we subconsciously listen to vowel and consonant sounds to ensure we're producing them correctly. If our speech is slightly different from what we intended, we adjust the way we speak to correct for these slight errors.

For some of us, detecting these errors or making the necessary adjustments can be a challenge. That's why we developed the icSpeech Analyzer.

How does the speech analyzer work?
icSpeech Analyzer uses the clinically proven technique of biofeedback to help improve your speech. Biofeedback lets you see your speech on a computer screen in real-time. At first, you learn to control your speech while looking at the display and comparing your speech to an example. Then, with practise, you learn to control your speech without looking at the display.

icSpeech Analyzer supports the following biofeedback displays:

Bar charts.
You can also record your speech, create target displays, and perform measurements on a range of speech parameters.

Product code: SOF0056

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