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Speech generating device with the world's #1 eye tracker

The I-12+ is a portable speech generating device that enables effective communication from voice output, to environmental control, and even computer access. The rugged design, power management, and touch and gaze input support are features that make the I-12+ ideal for those who rely on augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).

  1. Built purposefully for independence - with a durable and rugged design that wtihstands the demands of everyday life so you can go anywhere, anytime.
  2. Created to be the best - with the world's #1 eye tracker that gives consistent accuracy and freedom of movement for an optimal experience
  3. Designed to last - all day long with hot swappable batteries that provide 9-hours of run time so you never have to compromise. 
  4. Project your voice -  with confidence thanks to two integrated, outward-facing speakers that provide powerful sound and speech in any environment. 

Product code: MIC0015

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