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Introducing Horizon

HORIZON™ is a versatile, user friendly TMS system with a comprehensive range of services designed to help clinicians treat an increasing number of patients safely and effectively as well as run a successful TMS practice. The HORIZON™ treatment coil and cooling module reduce wait time between patients and increase patient throughput.


Performance | Energy recovery system prevents pulse decay during stimulation sessions to deliver consistent stimulation from pulse 1 to pulse 3000.

Approved | FDA cleared for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder.1

Simple | Dedicated motor threshold hand-held coil with integrated controls, designed to simplify motor threshold determination.

Reliable | Air cooled coil with a new coil connector designed for ease of operation and reduced maintenance.

Efficient | Reduced the time between treatment sessions to increase patient throughput.

Reimbursable | Covered by most USA health insurance providers, including Medicare (in most states).

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