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Two Hands 3D Keyboard

The fully ergonomic keyboard fits the shape of hands and the different lengths of fingers to reduce movement and tension.
Split design eliminates wrist twist and allows a central number cluster which can be used by right or left hand as preferred.
Tilted keys and pads minimise palms downward movement (Pronation) to further reduce muscle tension.
Straight vertical key columns eliminate tens of thousands of finger and wrist twists in a day's work.
Thumb keys for Cursors, Return or Enter, Space, Backspace and other frequently used keys reduce hand and arm movement. Versatile thumbs are used far more effectively.
Built in large palm resting pads allow immediate hand and arm relaxation during "Thinking Time", and promote a reduction in arm rotation.
Shift Lock as well as Caps and Num Locks provides more options. 


Two Hands 3D Trackball Keyboard

A version of the fully ergonomic Two Hands 3D Keyboard fitted with an integrated trackball in the central palm rest.
Holding a mouse usually requires gripping between thumb and little finger to move it and then more strongly to hold it in place while the index finger operates the action button. From these actions pains in hand, arm and shoulder can develop.
All need appreciable hand and arm movement to reach the operating position and they occupy a fair amount of additional desk space.
To overcome this problem we have fitted a trackball in the palm rest area of the central number pad. In this position the ball may be easily moved by the thumb with the fingers cupped and the hand resting over the key thumb group. The top of the ball is slightly below the palm rest surface so that it does not interfere with normal keyboard use.


Two Hands 2D Keyboard

The new Two Hands 2D Keyboard model responds to this view, and incorporates the essential features of the existing design but in a more conventional shape. Two key groups for letters with a central number group, as before, keep wrists straight and strain free. Central numbers suit both left & right handers. The letter keys are angled inwards to match natural finger movements and, as in the original two-handed design, the keys for the longer fingers are further away to reduce finger motion and provide small therapeutic actions.
Large palm pads give a comfortable resting and relaxing zone for hands and arms during "thinking time", to encourage blood flow and recovery.


Left Hand Keyboard

The special shape and letter layout have been very carefully planned, taking into account the limited number of keys that can be accessed quickly and comfortably.
Word-processing input speeds of 85 words per minute have been demonstrated by operators using single handed keyboards. The fully ergonomic shape ensures freedom from strain and no RSI type problems have been reported in over 10 years, although all the work is done by one hand.


Right Hand Keyboard

These keyboards have Push-On Push-Off keys for Shift, Control and Alt functions; essential for single hand operation.
The unique switchable dual layout feature of Maltron keyboards has now been developed for single handed keyboards to give an alternative number entry option. For intensive number work the flat number panel alongside the letters is not ergonomic and can lead to fatigue as there is nowhere to rest the hand during pauses. To overcome this problem the number pad numbers are now also grouped on the letters keys. Either letters or numbers may be immediately selected by pressing a separate button. Windows keys are also included.


Mouth / Head Stick Keyboard

Single finger or Head/Mouth stick keyboards have a unique shape and keyboard layout.
The shape matches natural head movement and the key arrangement minimises finger or stick activity, raising speed and relieving frustration.
Push-On, Push-Off keys are provided for Shift, Control and Alt.
Mouth / Head Stick keyboards all have the ability to turn off key repeating at the keyboard if it is not wanted. If allowed by the software in use, the repeat rate can be set to SLOW, MEDIUM or FAST at the keyboard.

Product code: KEY0008, KEY0009 , KEY0010 , KEY0011 , KEY0012, KEY0013

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