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Enviro Remote - Touch & Switch

Enviro Remote - Touch & Switch is a handheld or mountable remote control. Each of its eight large, touch sensitive buttons may be configured to work with any combination of Enviro receivers to allow you to control all your devices from a single remote. Multiple touch buttons may be grouped together for use with a single receiver, making programming very straightforward.

Because Enviro Remote - Touch & Switch is a wireless device it does not suffer from the directional behaviour of infra-red (IR) based systems, allowing the user the freedom to place the remote in any position and at any angle to achieve the most comfortable and practical configuration. Enviro Hub then converts the wireless signals from Enviro Remote to IR, ready for your TV or music player.

For users who may have difficulty using the touch buttons, two 3.5mm sockets on the rear of the unit allow one or two-switch scanning to be used instead.

The unit has a built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery to provide several days of use between charges, or it may be permanently powered from a supplied wall adapter or from a wheelchair auxiliary power port.

Each of the eight touch buttons may be marked with a pen or with suitable self-adhesive labels to indicate their functions.

- Eight programmable, touch-sensitive buttons.
- Can be paired with multiple Enviro receivers to control multiple appliances.
- Can control wireless and infra-red* devices.
- Does not need to be in line of sight of infra-red devices.
- Single or two-switch scanning option.
- Built-in rechargeable battery.
- Free standing or mountable.
- Works simultaneously with other Enviro devices and the Enviro App.

Product code: ENV0003

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