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Enviro App

The Enviro App allows all your appliances to be controlled from a single iPad or iPhone*, whether infra-red (IR) such as TVs and music systems or mains controlled such as lamps, kitchen appliances or door/window openers.

It pairs with the Enviro App via Bluetooth and the user may select how many buttons are visible on screen to suit the complexity of your Enviro configuration. The colour of each button may be a chosen, or it may be replaced with an image from the built-in library. You can even use the iPhone/iPad camera to take a photograph of the appliance in question and you can also overlay text onto the button.

Switch users can access all the functions of the app using iOS Switch Control with either single or two-switch scanning using a Bluetooth access device.

Configuration of the app is straightforward, whether the button is used to control infra-red or mains appliances.

In multi-room configurations you can even have more than one Hub connected- one for each room.

Product code: ENV0008

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