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Catch Me

CatchMe is an easy-to-handle program for learning how to use the mouse or an alternative mouse device (joysticks or similar). The many different options allow for a good overview on the monitor (eye-motor-monitor-coordination) as well as for a step-by-step approach to correct movements. The user practices to control the mouse and at the same time to match colours, shapes (and combinations of the two), letters and figures. Different games (such as ballooning, mazes, colouring and uncovering games) give an amusing overview of the progress. The aim is to teach the user the most important mouse activities needed in common Windows applications (movement, left click, double click, click-drag-click, drag and drop).

Target group
Children, teenagers and adults
- who want to learn to use the mouse on the computer
- especially people with physical and/ or coordinating disabilities
- who want to learn about colours, shapes, letter and figures and how to distinguish them
- who have a mental disability and want to play

Operating modes
- Mouse
- Keyboard

System requirements
Pentium 450 MHz, 256 MB RAM, up to 80 MB disk space, screen resolution at least 1024 x 768 at 16-Bit-colors, Sound card, CD drive, Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, recommended: 17’’ monitor.

Product code: SOF0002

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