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Big keys Keyboard

A simplified standard size keyboard with extra large keys

It is the same size as a standard keyboard but have fewer keys

It is suitable for early learners, partially sighted users, and those with limited mobility

Plug and Play, no drivers required


Product code: KEY0001

Keyboard Membrane

Protect your keyboard from dust and spills.

BigKeys clear plastic gloves are the ideal solution for situations where the keyboard maybe exposed to dust and liquids.

TheKeyboard Membranes  are soft, transparent, flexible gloves that will protect your keyboard from all liquids, dirt and dust. Ideal for classroom use with young children who may have sticky fingers. The gloves are easy to clean and can be washed under the tap.

There are separate versions for the Big keys Keyboard


Spill proof plastic
Easy to fit
Moulded to each type of keyboard


Product code: KEY0002


Keyboard Guard

Snap on guard that correctly guides fingers to keys.
Specially designed for computer users with disabilities, wishing to use the Big Keys Keyboard.
Users with motor skills difficulties or upper limb disorder will find the BigKeys Keyguard very helpful inaiming the finger at the right key, and giving some support to the hand. The polished rounded holesguide the finger to the correct keys and provides support while the correct key is located.
Available in strong Perspex

Snap on snap off design
Easy clean finish
Helpful for those with tremor or motor control problems
Prevents accidental keystrokes

Product code: KEY0003

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